Frequently Asked Questions

About Your Stay

Q. I'm planning to stay at your hotel with my kids. From which age should I include in "Number of adult" ?
A. Every room rate is different depending on the number of guests.
Adult rates apply to guests aged 6 and over.
Children over 6 years old should count as "Adult".
An additional fee will be charged if the number of people in the reservation confirmation differs from the number of people at check-in.

Q. I would like to send a baggage in advance. Is that possible?
A. Please write down these information (the guest name, Sender's name, and your arrival date) and send it to our front desk. We will keep the baggage at the cloakroom, so please let us know when you check-in.

[Shipping Address]
Hotel Moon Beach - Front Desk (TEL: 81989651020)
1203, Maekaneku, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, 904-0414 Japan

Q. Is there any internet access in the guest rooms?
A. Cable internet access is available only in residential club room type.
There is no internet in regular guest rooms, but guests can use Free WIFi around the lobby and the lounge.
Also there is a computer with internet access which guest can use.

Q. Can I bring my pets with me?
A. I am sorry but pets are not allowed to stay.

About Dining

Q. Should I make a reservation for restaurants in advance?
A. You do not need to make a reservation.
We might ask you to wait when restaurants are crowded, so it is better to have a reservation though.
Regarding breakfast, we do not accept reservations.

Q. Can you accommodate guests with dietary restrictions?
A. Yes. Please inform us in advance, and our chefs will do their very best to accommodate specific requests regarding food allergies and other dietary restrictions.

About Activities

Q. Until when can we swim?
A.Usually, it is the summer season from April to October in Okinawa, but you can also swim in march and November depending on the weather, If you would like to swim during off-season, please inform us in advance.

Q. Can I rent swimsuits, goggles, and flip-flop?
A. We do not offer the rental service for those items.
Please bring them with you. Or, you can buy them at shops on site.

Q. Can I make a reservation for windsurfing activity? And Can borrow the board for windsurfing? 
A. We accept reservations for it.
Especially, the customer who made a reservation has a priority during on-season.
We offer you a rental service of windsurfing. We offer guests a discount for a long-term rental.

Q. Can I do marine sports during winter?
A. Yes, you can try marine sports excluding some activities if you make a reservation in advance.

Q. Can I book for marine activities?
A. Yes, we accept bookings via phone calls excluding some activities.
While your stay, you can book for it at Marine sports club or Field reception counter.

Q. Where can I do snorkeling?
A. At our hotel, we ask guest to refrain from doing snorkeling by themselves for the safety reason. We offer you Snorkeling lesson instead.

Q. Is there any shower and locker at the beach?
A. Yes, there are some of them at the beach-side.
Guests can use showers with cold or hot water free of charge.
About the locker, guests can you a locker for 200 JPY.

Q. I’m not staying at your hotel. Can I still use the beach?
A. Yes. However, we ask those guests who are not staying at our hotel to pay for the facility fee and the parking fee.

Facility fee/ Adult 500 JPY, Child 300 JPY
Parking fee/ Car 500 JPY, Autobike 200 JPY, Bus 1000 JPY

Q. How far and How long does it take to get to You-jima?
A. It is 7 km away from our beach. It takes 10 minutes to get there by a jet boat and 40 minutes by a cruising yacht.

Q. How wide the beach is?
A. About 80 metres × 175 metres

Q. How far from the beach?
A. Our hotel is located in front of the beach. You can go to the beach wearing swimsuit from your room.

Q. Can I use the beach before check-in and after check-out?
A. Yes, you can use it. We can keep your baggage at the front desk, so please feel free to reach out to us. Or you can use the changing room at the beach-side.


Q. Can I use credit cards?
A. We accept those credit cards below excluding some shops.
You can also use Edy

Q. Can I rent a wheelchair?
A. Yes, we offer you it for free. However, the number of items are limited.
So that we recommend you to make a reservation in advance.

Q. Is there any launderette at the property?
A. Yes, there are launderette on Beach floor in front of the public bath.
You can buy detergents at General shop MAHARO.

Q. I might get to hotel late mid-night.
A. Front desk is open for 24 hours. However, please inform us in advance if you get here after 24:00.

Q. Can I order birthday cake or bouquet?
A. If you order in advance, we can prepare them. Please let us know by the day before you would like to have.